Packed Lines

Pinnacle has an extensive range of liquids, creams and powders that make up our Packed Lines.

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Liquids & Creams

Acetone 50ml

Almond Oil 20ml

Bay Rum 200ml

Calamine Lotion 100/200ml

Camphorated Oil 50ml

Castor Oil 50/100ml

Citronella Oil 20ml

Coconut Oil 50ml

Eucalyptus Oil 20/50ml

Friars Balsam 20l/50ml

Gentian Violet Solution 2% 20ml

Glycerine 20/ 50/100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 10vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 20vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 30vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 40vol 100ml

Iodine Tincture 20ml

Liquid Paraffin 100/200ml

Mercurochrome Solution 2% 20/50ml

Olive Oil 50/100ml

Sal Volatile 50ml

Spirits of Camphor 20ml

Surgical Spirits 50/100/200ml

Sweet Oil 50ml

Wintergreen Ointment 50g

Zinc and Castor Oil Ointment 50g


Aloes Lump 25g

Aloes Powder 25g

Alum Crystals 50g

Boric Acid Powder 50g

Copper Sulphate 50g

Epsom Salts 100g/500g

Flowers of Sulphur 50g

Glucose Powder 100/500g

Lime – Slaked 50g

Plaster of Paris 500g

Potassium Permanganate 13g

Saltpetre 50g

Sodium Bicarbonate 100g/500g

Zinc Starch and Boracic Powder 75g