Packed Lines

Pinnacle has an extensive range of liquids, creams and powders that make up our Packed Lines.

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Liquids & Creams

Almond Oil 20ml

Calamine Lotion 100/200ml

Camphorated Oil 50ml

Castor Oil 50/100ml

Citronella Oil 20ml

Coconut Oil 50ml

Eucalyptus Oil 20/50ml

Friars Balsam 20l/50ml

Gentian Violet Solution 2% 20ml

Glycerine 20/ 50/100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 10vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 20vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 30vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 40vol 100ml

Liquid Paraffin 100/200ml

Mercurochrome Solution 2% 20/50ml

Olive Oil 50/100ml

Spirits of Camphor 20ml

Surgical Spirits 50/100/200ml

Sweet Oil 50ml

Zinc and Castor Oil Ointment 50g


Aloes Lump 25g

Aloes Powder 25g

Alum Crystals 50g

Boric Acid Powder 50g

Copper Sulphate 50g

Epsom Salts 100g/500g

Flowers of Sulphur 50g

Glucose Powder 100/500g

Lime – Slaked 50g

Potassium Permanganate 13g

Saltpetre 50g

Sodium Bicarbonate 100g/500g

Zinc Starch and Boracic Powder 75g